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  • SMART MECHANICAL ENGINEER is an emerging automobile brand that has already built a reputation for ease of understanding and service to its customers!
  • In this age of Digital and fast-moving India, more and more businesses are moving online, hence we are making the services available to customer’s fingertip, which can help customers deal with all their automobile needs at an easy manner.
  • Join us in our journey to establish automobile service and maintenance business and get best managed and a modern business unit established with a hassle-free process.


Online Customer Base: Franchisees will be awarded with online customer base with is supported with Smart Mechanical Engineers app

Online Business Management: Franchisees would be able to manage their end to end business using our smart web-support app, which is equipped with several special business management features.

Smart Mechanic Support: Smart Mechanical Engineer would be providing smartly trained mechanic support to its franchisees. 

Product Support: SMART MECHANICAL ENGINEERS franchisees would be awarded with our in-house products like engine oil, grease, cables and other electrical parts.

Customer Support: Smart Mechanical Engineer franchisees would have global customer support to handle customer complaints and for its resolution.

Warranty Support: Smart Mechanical Engineers franchisees will be awarded with global India warranty

In-House Insurance Support: Smart Mechanical Engineers Franchisees would be having in-house cashless insurance support, as we reserves tie-up with ALL National Insurance.

Why do you need to get your two-wheeler serviced regularly?

“According to the experts, getting your two-wheelers serviced every 2,000 Km is highly advisable”.

Need a Bike Service?

Two-wheelers are considered an essential part of the transportation system. In India, virtually every household owns a two-wheeler for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Affordability
  • Lifestyle
  • Passion
  • Traffic Avoidance
  • Usage 

A two-wheeler owner enjoys its benefits, but not all know about the benefits of regularly servicing the two-wheeler. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, you need to keep your vehicle in good condition – smooth ride, ensure your safety, and extend the life of your vehicle parts.

Read on as we explore the benefits of getting your two-wheeler serviced regularly.

Benefits of regular servicing

You should check the following items when you service your two-wheeler:

  • Engine oil
  • Brakes
  • Spark plug
  • Electrical components — light Relays, control modules, sensors, Ignition Switches, etc.
  • Air filters
  • Oil filters
  • Greasing

It helps you find faults before your two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of your commute to an important event.

Here are some benefits of regular maintenance that ensures a smooth operation of your two-wheelers every time you go for a ride

Enhancing parts’ longevity:

A complete servicing of your bike includes getting your vehicle parts well lubricated and adjusting parts to function properly. Doing so helps your vehicle to reduce the stress your vehicle parts experience daily.

For example, Over time, brake shoes smoothen which slows the brakes response. Roughing up helps to maintain the fiction lining so that the brakes can respond actively.

Operationally smooth: When your vehicle undergoes servicing, your vehicle feels mechanically secure. 

For example, maintaining the engine oil ensures the smooth operation of your two-wheeler.

Fewer breakdowns: Getting your two-wheeler serviced regularly reduces sudden breakdowns as well as part failures. And, if the parts are maintained well, the wear-out rate of the parts decreases drastically.

For example, changing the engine oil at given intervals reduces the wear and tear of the engine components.

Improved resale value: The owner of a bike with full-service records has an advantage during the sale. Buying a bike in good condition alone will attract buyers and can get better resale value. It can add up to your reselling benefit.

Ensure safety: Regularly servicing your two-wheeler is just the same as wearing a helmet while you ride. Not servicing your two-wheeler might lead to mechanical problems that can lead to unfortunate accidents. Getting regular servicing can ensure you and your two-wheeler’s safety.

Better fuel efficiency: Reducing fuel consumption is one of the many perks of getting your bike regularly serviced, given the high fuel prices nowadays. 

For example, getting your fuel filter, air filter, and oil changed timely is the best way to increase fuel efficiency.

Since you know the importance of getting your two-wheeler serviced regularly, the one more crucial part is to find a service centre that understands your two-wheeler’s needs. Finding a legit service centre adds up to your benefit.

SMES: Providing doorstep service for two-wheelers

We are a tech-savvy company providing bike maintenance and repair services in the comfort of your home. We are a one-stop solution to all your bike maintenance needs. 

We empower your two-wheeler with:

  • Genuine two-wheeler parts
  • Well trained mechanics
  • Proper maintenance equipment
  • Cost savings on service
  • Eco wash

Bike service

We have seen electric bikes in the movies that are fast, sexy, sleek. Modern electric bikes are inspired by the movies and are the right balance between art, commerce & science. In 1895, the first electric bike was built by Ogden Bolton Jr. in the US. Now, the question that may arise is that why have we started focusing on electric bikes now.

Why do we need Electric Motorbikes now?

Motorbike innovation has made some amazing progress. We have few choices to look over, including the latest electric vehicles. There are many unsolved challenges that we will need to overcome to witness electric mobility. There are vehicle owners that rely on the electric motorbike & have been boosted by the public influence to quickly track their moves.

Environmental change is a genuine concern. Common fuel assets are decreasing and we as humans need to make improvements. This has led us to move towards the electronic period, which has reformed the motorbike business. It is normal that by 2040 all diesel & petroleum fuel controlled motorbike plans will be banned and removed from the market and the only mixture of electrical bikes will be available.

Fuel Motorbike vs Electric Motorbike

The principal difference between the two types is the thing that energizes the motorbike. Most motorbikes are fuelled by Gasoline. As a matter of the fact, they are harming the climate. Fuel-controlled motorbikes depend on many different parts working together, Which means that a ton can turn out badly with them. Nowadays, more electric motorbikes are being made, which are fuelled by electricity. Electricity is considerably more energy productive and it doesn’t release the poisonous exhaust.

Comparison Between Fuelled Motorbike & Electric Motorbike.

FactorFuel MotorbikeElectric Motorbike
Operational UsageFuel stations are available over the nation, consequently, the scope of a regular motorbike is essentially boundless.

Electric motorbikes are a decent choice for short day-by-day use, yet they look bad for significant distance rides with a predetermined number of charging stations. This will improve later yet it is a significant highlight to think about it right now.
Price RangeIndians are incredibly aware of the cost of fuel motorbikes as clients. This is a vital factor that impacts a purchasing ruling for fuel motorbikes as they are accessible across value focuses relying upon the motor limit.Electric motorbikes will in general be more costly than their petroleum partners. There are reasonable electric alternatives, however, they have a short operational reach, more slow velocities, and insufficient assistance habitats. The best-evaluated electric motorbikes run on lithium-particle batteries, which make them costly.
ConveniencePowering a fuel motorbike is a lot simpler. It just requires a couple of moments at the fuel station.An electric motorbike needs at least a few hours for a full charge. The individuals who live in high rises may think that it is difficult to control their motorbikes. Numerous electric motorbikes accompany removable batteries, yet it is more drawn-out when contrasted with powering a motorbike.
Fuel PricingThe normal fuel motorbike offers around 50-60 kilometres for every litter. Nonetheless, some eco-friendly alternatives can likewise convey as much as 100 kilometres for every litter.An electric motorbike will offer a similar mileage as a fuel motorbike at 15% of the expense of one litter of fuel, making it very pocket-friendly over the long haul.
MaintenanceFuel motorbikes should be timely checked, and destroyed mechanical parts must be replaced on time.Maintenance issues, assuming any, are yet to be featured over long-haul use.


I hope by now it is clear that an electric motorbike is a much cleaner option. Yet there are a couple of challenges that electric motorbike producers need to solve. The range in the electric bike is of prime concern as they do not support long-range travels yet. The electric bike is perfect for travelling short distances or daily commute. A fuelled bike is required for leisure or long travel.

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