1. Benefits of availing doorstep bike repairing and servicing.

Getting your bike to a professional garage or service provider has multiple advantages that you would surely like to explore. A well maintained and a thorough vehicle makes you save up on your time, and increase the resale value of the same. Not just this, a well maintained vehicle will save a lot of your money.

2. Bike servicing – why is it necessary.

The Importance Of Bike Servicing For the smooth running, longevity and safety of your bike, regular checks should be carried out to ensure it’s running correctly. The harsh conditions of the winter can be severely detrimental to a bikes performance and both the moving and static parts can be effected.

3. Tips for excellent bike health.

Regularly check tyres condition and air pressure. Ensure tyres pressures are maintained at manufacturer recommended levels. Check your tyres for cuts and scrapes on your tires, which could cause a blowout. Also check the tyre treads once a week and have the wheels balanced and the alignment checked if the wear is uneven.

4. Online Customer Base: 

Franchisees will be awarded with online customer base with is supported with Smart Mechanical Engineers app

5.Online Business Management: 

Franchisees would be able to manage their end to end business using our smart web-support app, which is equipped with several special business management features.

6. Smart Mechanic Support: 

Smart Mechanical Engineer would be providing smartly trained mechanic support to its franchisees. 

7.Product Support:

 SMART MECHANICAL ENGINEERS franchisees would be awarded with our in-house products like engine oil, grease, cables and other electrical parts.

8.Customer Support:

 Smart Mechanical Engineer franchisees would have global customer support to handle customer complaints and for its resolution.

9. Warranty Support:

 Smart Mechanical Engineers franchisees will be awarded with global India warranty

10. In-House Insurance Support:

 Smart Mechanical Engineers Franchisees would be having in-house cashless insurance support, as we reserves tie-up with ALL National Insurance.

11. Enhancing parts’ longevity:

A complete servicing of your bike includes getting your vehicle parts well lubricated and adjusting parts to function properly. Doing so helps your vehicle to reduce the stress your vehicle parts experience daily.

For example, Over time, brake shoes smoothen which slows the brakes response. Roughing up helps to maintain the fiction lining so that the brakes can respond actively.

12. Operationally smooth:

 When your vehicle undergoes servicing, your vehicle feels mechanically secure. 

For example, maintaining the engine oil ensures the smooth operation of your two-wheeler.

13. Fewer breakdowns: 

Getting your two-wheeler serviced regularly reduces sudden breakdowns as well as part failures. And, if the parts are maintained well, the wear-out rate of the parts decreases drastically.

For example, changing the engine oil at given intervals reduces the wear and tear of the engine components.

14. Improved resale value: 

The owner of a bike with full-service records has an advantage during the sale. Buying a bike in good condition alone will attract buyers and can get better resale value. It can add up to your reselling benefit.

15. Ensure safety: 

Regularly servicing your two-wheeler is just the same as wearing a helmet while you ride. Not servicing your two-wheeler might lead to mechanical problems that can lead to unfortunate accidents. Getting regular servicing can ensure you and your two-wheeler’s safety.

16. Better fuel efficiency:

 Reducing fuel consumption is one of the many perks of getting your bike regularly serviced, given the high fuel prices nowadays. 

For example, getting your fuel filter, air filter, and oil changed timely is the best way to increase fuel efficiency.

Since you know the importance of getting your two-wheeler serviced regularly, the one more crucial part is to find a service centre that understands your two-wheeler’s needs. Finding a legit service centre adds up to your benefit.

SMES: Providing doorstep service for two-wheelers

We are a tech-savvy company providing bike maintenance and repair services in the comfort of your home. We are a one-stop solution to all your bike maintenance needs. 

We empower your two-wheeler with:

  • Genuine two-wheeler parts
  • Well trained mechanics
  • Proper maintenance equipment
  • Cost savings on service
  • Eco wash

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